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Axis Up Velocity Tower

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1 Axis Up Velocity Tower on Wed Dec 01, 2010 3:42 am


Axis Up Velocity Tower

Published on 28-02-2008 by
Axis Architecture has finally proposed a major revision to their 22 storey Velocity Tower in Sheffield up to 36 storeys.

Currently topped out at its previously approved height, the under construction scheme is being built for local developer Velocity who it is named after. The 22 structurally complete floors will remain residential in the new design with 15 floors above being an apart hotel and the top level set to become a skybar. The attached wing to the tower will remain the same as the currently approved design, at least for now.

The height increase will make it the tallest building in Sheffield reaching 108 metres to the roof and 121 metres to the tip of the wind turbines on top. The current tallest would have been the under construction City Lofts Tower, still only a few stories tall, at 101 metres.

Although it has been expected for a while, this revised application has taken its time to surface indicating there has been some hard negotiating between the planners of Sheffield City Council and the architects on some elements of it and they have been trying to fine tune it to get it right.

Whether councilors approve the ambitious new height after such a radical increase is another thing entirely.

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