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Karakusevic Carson Go For Length Over Height

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Karakusevic Carson Go For Length Over Height

Published on 25-06-2009 by
Karakusevic Carson Architects has designed this huge sprawling university complex to run along London's Mile End Road for INTO University Partnerships.

The scheme combines 2,832 square metres of academic facilities including a teaching facility for 300 students, and student housing coming in the form of 361 single and double studio apartments.

The scale of the building runs from five to seven to eleven storys along what is a narrow site bounded by Mile End Road to its immediate the north. Combined with height restrictions and the need to get a certain amount of space into the site, the building stretches almost 150 metres in length making it longer than the infamous Kingsgate House in London's Victoria and almost the same length as the soon to be demolished Heygate council blocks. This should make it one of the longest, if not the longest building in London when constructed.

Visually the architect has tried to break this single length up by having two different fašade treatments on the front of the building and varying the massing to make it look as though it's two long buildings connected together.

The front of the building is dominated by brick and recessed areas that will host two sets of windows each with copper and brass cladding that should vary the appearance of the building slightly. Topping the buildings are green roofs that will provide outside areas for the students and employees of the college.

However, despite the architect's best attempts at breaking up the length of the building, thanks to the recurring fenestration arrangement used throughout, the end result is still repetition running along Mile End Road that if not given a decent quality finish could end up blighting the area much like parts of Elephant and Castle, and Victoria, suffer from today.

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