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Worlds Tallest Student Block Completes In Leeds

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Worlds Tallest Student Block Completes In Leeds

Published on 26-06-2009 by
The world's tallest student residence, Sky Plaza in Leeds, has been officially completed and now stands 103 metres tall.

Designed by Carey Jones Architects for student housing specialist, the UNITE Group, the newly completed part of the project is the tower section of a two-phase scheme standing on Clay Pit Lane near Leeds Metropolitan University.

The first phase offered accommodation for 964 students and the second portion has added a further 533 units along with approximately 400 square metres of ground floor retail.

Sky Plaza is dominated from the south by vertical light grey cladding and recessed windows that are split into horizontal sections every seven floors breaking up what would otherwise be a completely sheer vertical look.
The back of the tower to the north has a prominently green clad service shaft rising above the roof level whilst much of the northern fašade is covered in dark grey panels with recessed horizontal bands punctured with windows.

Sky Plaza adds to an area that has seen an intensification in its skyline lately as it grows along with the government's own expansion of higher education that has recently seen Opal 3 go up, and also has Broadcasting Place under construction.

It's the latter, not Sky Plaza, that is shaping up to be the stand out building in the area thanks to its corten steel cladding, weathered metallic tones, and a quality finish that make its two shorter rivals look rather cheap.

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