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Raft Work To Start On Riverside South

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1 Raft Work To Start On Riverside South on Tue Nov 23, 2010 2:34 pm


Raft Work To Start On Riverside South

Published on 10-07-2009 by
The next stage of work is starting on Riverside South, the gigantic office development being built at London's Canary Wharf by the estates own in-house contractors.

This will involve the construction of the foundation slab, a huge concrete raft that will cover the footprint of the site over the tops of the recently sunk piles. These piles will be trimmed to standardise their height above ground so each can then be used to anchor the bottom of the 3 metre deep concrete raft into the ground so that it is structurally firm.

The scale of concrete involved to cover the site will be approximately 50,000 cubic metres amounting to the delivery of 8,000 truckloads of concrete.

With such large logistics to consider, the contractors will have the raft constructed in sections with each section the greatest amount of concrete they can have moved to the site on each individual day meaning that the raft will be constructed a bit at a time rather like filling the site with a concrete jigsaw puzzle with approximately 50 pieces. Once this is finished then the slab will be the very bottom of the basement for the complex.

For such a large riverside site, it shows that there can be a huge amount of effort involved just to complete the groundwork of a building and that for the untrained observer it's easy to not realise sometimes it can take longer to build what is below ground than what's above it.

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