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CZWG Design Huge New Wembley Hotel

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1 CZWG Design Huge New Wembley Hotel on Tue Nov 23, 2010 8:26 am


CZWG Design Huge New Wembley Hotel

Published on 20-08-2009 by
CZWG has designed this new hotel to stand on the site of the approved Chesterfield House development near Wembley Stadium in the London borough of Brent.

Overlooking the junction of High Street and Park Lane, the site is currently occupied by a long squat office building from the 1960s and has been up for redevelopment for most of this decade - previous plans by EPR Architects for an office tower with ground floor retail were approved in 2001 for Buckingham Securities but were not pursued in the last property boom.

These days the site is owned by the Hallmark Property Group who want to use the site for the 1000 Nights hotel brand.

It will contain 1,082 square metres of ground floor retail space, 1,125 square metres of office and conference space on the floors immediately above ground, 1,530 square metres of facilities such as a gym, a skybar on the 17th floor, and a whopping 815 hotel rooms.

Bearing in mind other approved buildings in the area the architect has designed this one to be about 83 metres tall, a similar height to the previous proposal for Chesterfield House as well as the nearby approved Copeland School project.

The basic floor plan of the building is that of a C with it arranged around a central courtyard acting as a lightwell that is flanked by two taller opposing blocks connected together by a shorter one.

What makes the building unusual is its massing. It has recesses both horizontally and vertically that create a series of voids and break up the shape into something that allows the bulk of the building to relate better to the scale of what is next door as well as a hole positioned so that approaching hotel customers can see through the building when walking towards the entrance.

The end result one suspects will however be something that many members of the public are bound to think is a rather messy appearance and no amount of tricks will change the fact that from several angles, particularly to the north, this is a bulky building.

The sides of the building have projecting gold cladding encasing them with a printed pattern that adds framing to the changing shape of the building and contrasts with the grid-like glazing used on the main facades which expresses the layout of the rooms. Cleverly, the architect has designed the facades so that the shallower rooms will appear recessed adding a sense of depth to the glazing.

The end result feels like something that would work well buried in the gaudy centre of Las Vegas but less so in the middle of Wembley High Street where it will be the most noticeable building. Unfortunately, no amount of architectural tricks can change the fact that ultimately it's a group of glass slabs.

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