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Jestico + Whiles Angular City Road Hotel

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1 Jestico + Whiles Angular City Road Hotel on Mon Nov 22, 2010 8:42 pm


Jestico + Whiles Angular City Road Hotel

Published on 09-09-2009 by
Remember Will Alsop's plans for a multi-coloured 43 floor tower on 151 City Road that looked like it was decorated with eighties Argos curtains? Well since the announcement in February that he had been replaced by Jestico + Whiles, it looks increasingly like the ambitious plans are now being scaled down in size.

A screening application has now been filed with the local council to investigate the possibility of a 24 floor tower which should give it a height of about 73 metres if average floor to floor figures are to be believed. Within will be 20,091 square metres of floorspace and 247 bedrooms plus hotel facilities over 19 levels that will be aimed at providing a four star service level.

Also included in the scheme are all the facilities one normally expects in such a project including a gym, spa, an individual restaurant, but most promisingly a skybar near the top of the building that will be open to everyone - not just guests. Unfortunately topping the building will be four floors of plant.

In design terms the architects have chosen to respond to the angular shape of the site by having the building rise upwards to the 16 floor evenly hugging the boundary edges. With Eagle House under construction to the west, continuing the building evenly would be in danger of providing too dense a collection of towers so the building chamfers away from its neighbour creating more space between the two.

This also helps to reduce the profile of the upper part of the tower and in particular will give it a triangular appearance when it is viewed from City Road when approached from Old Street roundabout.

The previous design had proven controversial thanks to its day-glo appearance that was made all the more noticeable by the height of the building. This time round a paired down and more restrained looking design should stand the project in good stead.

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